Friday, 28 February 2014

How To Find Inspiration To Produce Inspirited Writing

How so ever profound you are in writing, there are times, when you tend to get bored of the same pattern of writing and consider it monotonous or probably you feel apathetic towards writing and waiting for an inspiration to strike your mind. Every person needs inspiration at some point of his life to move ahead and grab the ladder to success. Inspiration is an integral part of writing procedure and acts as a motivational factor. Being a fervent writer does not mean that you will always remain inspired to write. When you do not get a positive feedback from the readers, you tend to get dishearten and lose your confidence. Here are few pointers that have have instilled inspiration in me to write more.

  • Appetite for knowledge
An everlasting appetite for knowledge can be gained when you undergo an exhaustive and comprehensive research, analyse your research material and pen down your study. Quench your longing thirst to gain plentiful knowledge by exploring the arena pertaining to a particular topic. Intelligent and meaningful content enveloped with good vocabulary will provide a wonderful experience to the readers to apprehend.
  • Browse other blog sites
It gives immense pleasure to browse other writer's work. This does not only inspire you to write more but also help in letting you compare the writer's style of writing with yours. Scan dozens of blogs and observe their genre of composing content  and aim to draft a better one.
  • Watch Movies
At times you come across certain words or dialects that you would intent to use in your blog post therefore making your blog site a greater platform for good vocabulary and stylish citations. 
  • Writing Forums
Exclusively designed for passionate writers. Writing forums provide you a great platform to unburden your thoughts and share your views on any topic in any domain. Influenced by your writing, the readers leave positive comments on your thoughts thus inculcating a sense of inspiration in you and impelling you to explore more in the writing industry. 
  • Hollywood Music
Never was I a music lover until I realised the significance of lyrics in broadening my acumen. The tricky prose helps me good deal in producing a brilliant content. Moreover, music acts as a stress buster for me and prior to start writing, I usually listen to soothing songs to tranquil my mind. More your mind is relaxed, more space it has for new ideas to pop in.
  • Browse Quotations and Citations
Browse through endless great quotes and citations and let one of them strike a great post idea. There are millions of quotations; Hilarious, intelligent and impressive, at least one of them might inspire you to write.
  • Free flow of ideas
One of the most remarkable techniques of getting inspiration to write is letting your thoughts flow freely on paper. You tend to unburden yourself from the cumbersome thoughts by converting them in words and this lead to an inspiration to write more. More you write, more calm your mind gets.

Thursday, 27 February 2014

No New Projects?- Keep Your Spirits High

You might be a battle-scarred writer but there are times when you have to struggle to get new work or retain the existing one. No your skills are not under the purview of dubiousness, there is least work in the writing market. Victims of such jobless situations often lose their morale and consider themselves as incompetent and unproductive. These are the times when writers are misguided and take wrong decisions like downsizing their rates in order to satisfy their insatiable appetite for writing. The beseeching pitch of yours leaves a negative impression on the clients and compel them to think out of the box. This outlook of yours will not help you become a successful writer and force the clients to turn their backs on you thereby depriving you of some great opportunities.

If you do not get new projects, do not panic. A panic stricken mind contracts the thought process and writing tactfully is a brain game. Just keep your spirits high and follow the following strategies that helped me escape such situation.

  • Market Your Writing Skills Vehemently
Equipped with intensive work load, writers generally do not get time to market their skills properly. Since you have limited task and adequate time at this juncture, you can employ your time by promoting your skills via joining writing forums or writing your own blogs or sharing your piece of writing on social networking sites. Disheartened and aggrieved, writers abstain from marketing their skills. They fail to understand the significance of promoting their passion publicly. 
  • Have faith in your skills
Besieged by paucity of work, writers tend to lose faith in their abilities and get demotivated. Losing faith is not the answer to your predicament. Exercise optimism and stay positive. Wait for the temporary poor phase to take a U-turn and then experience a whole new life destined to give miracles. Staying positive is the best possible alternative at this time. Your positivity will reflect in your tone and boosts the client's confidence of investing in right hands.
  • Browse other writer's blogs
Whenever I could spare some time for myself, I chose to browse the fanciful writings of other writers. Reading their blogs and leaving comments does not only provide you with new ideas to include in your posts but also makes you recognisable to various other writers. Coming in contact with other people might unlock the door to your success.
  • Keep your passion on
If you love writing then why to make the 'shortage of work' the reason to halt you from writing. Write as much as you can covering your favourite topics and domains. This is the time indeed when you can exclusively spotlight your area of writing. Occupied with other projects, you are likely to overlook your area of interest. This is the best time when you can acuminate your writing know-how by simply writing anything and reinforce your writing career.

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

The Evolution Of Freelance Writer Into Agency

Are you an ambitious writer aiming to expand your writing business on a large scale and bring home sufficient income to justify your worth? Do you have the skills required to start an agency? Do you have the capacity to handle on diverse projects inhere with distinctive domains? Can you establish a freelance writing business successfully?

If you have the concrete answers for the above mentioned then you are likely to be felicitous to start your own Writing agency. Running an agency is not a child's play. It requires grievous preparation prior to its commencement.

  • Envision your potential for becoming an agency
Till you are freelancer, you are free from all risks and pains. Once you become an agency, you need to make a balance between creativity and business development. Your responsibilities will increase manifold in the agency as compared to the freelancing. Having done numerous freelance projects, you might be in a position to start your own agency. However, managing an agency does not revolve exclusively around creativity. There might be ample of creative human manpower under your purview whom you need to manage effectively. You need to undertake guidance and training sessions to upgrade their skills timely.
  • Loads of work to handle
The moment you realise the quantum of work is high is exactly the time you can consider becoming an agency. A single freelancer cannot take handle on diverse projects as it not only hampers the quality of your work but also creates a state of disorientation. You can outsource half of the work on subcontract and choose to do the best ones yourself.
  • Manage your Human Resources effectively
One of the most significant factors to be considered before you start your agency is managing your manpower. Now you are no more a freelancer and your task will not fall within the purview of creativity only. You are an agency and will be leading the projects tackling many departments. There might be different departments functioning differently but the shepherd has to be you.
  • Gain Expertise in freelance writing
If you have undertaken a major chunk of freelance projects in past and gained expertise in writing then establishing an agency will proof to be worthwhile for you. Many Writers I have witnessed are desirous of starting their own writing agencies without gaining a good hand on writing techniques and lose their clients immediately. You need to understand if client is investing colossal amount of money in your agency, he would expect a copy not less than perfect.

Your job requires you to do the following:
  1. Talk to the client and analyse his expectations and specifications from the content writing.
  2. Recruit top-notch writers who ensure an effective delivery of errorless content.
  3. Direct their minds towards achieving the writing goals by providing them proper training and guidance.
  4. Praise them when they submit their projects within the ultimatum and on skittering the deadlines, reprimand them.
  5. Edit and proofread the projects received to fend of non performance on your side.
  6. Submit the project to the client and wait for his response.
  7. Revise the projects again if the client disapproves.
  8. Explain your incompetence to submit the projects on time.

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

I am a Passionate Writer

No I do not write to earn awards,
Nor do I write to get appreciation for my writing smarts;
I simply write because I am a passionate writer
Burdened with lumbering thoughts.....

I revolutionise my thoughts on paper
With an endeavour to liberate myself
I come up with some stupendous verbalism
Making myself proud of my prowess.....

I just write, write and write
Sensing the sensitivity of my emotions
The feeling deep down in my heart
Yearn for natural exhalation.....

I write beyond words
My thoughts are beyond imagination
I love exploring knowledge
And push a pencil with perfection.....

Camouflaged with certain responsibilities
I am destined to balance my working life
With the supportive demeanour of my in-laws
I am in collar as a part time housewife.....

My style of writing might be influential
My choice of words might seem superior
However, I do not write to make an impression
I simply write because I am a passionate writer.....

Monday, 17 February 2014

Challenges encountered by Amateur Freelance Writers

Freelance writing is worthwhile in terms of comfort and convenience. Working from home and making a full time living from part time job is an enthralling ideation. Choosing favourable hours of working and managing things your way brings balance between your personal and professional life. Like every other business, freelance writing comes up with its own challenges that need to be tackled very discreetly.

  • No fixed income
Freelance writing cannot be considered as a profuse career, the way MBA or Engineering jobs are considered. If you choose to work as a freelance writer, you will have to decipher the very essence of its impotence to provide you a lavish award. You are unlikely to choose Freelance Writing as your career until you are passionate about writing. Passionate people choose their fervour over money.

  • Credibility of the client
At times, clients play safe by allotting chunk of huge work to the amateurs and later abandon the payment by stating the irrelevancy of work. Since amateurs are new to the writing field, they lack sense of judging the credibility of the clients and work as per the clients instructions. You need to be cautious while working for the clients. Pick selective projects from the clients and get an eyeful of their payment behaviour followed by which you can decide on to increasing the quantum of your work.

  • Difficulty in catching the sight of first client
Big e-commerce entrepreneurs do not easily belief in amateurs. They would be willing to employ an experienced writer to develop web content for them or write blogs as far as their business is concerned. You may make an attempt to impress them by sending your current sample of writing, they might still require a better writer. Solution to this lies in focus your efforts on being independent, write your own professional blogs and keep writing until you achieve excellence.

  • Imbalance between professional and personal life
One of the most common problems freelance writers confront is to maintain a balance between professional and personal life. Since you are new in this domain, witnessing loads of writing work on your shoulders might lead you to a panic stricken situation. The best way to get a handle on this is to either outsource half of your burden to other freelance writers on few bank notes or select the best offers and dedicate all your efforts to do them. Spend your time wisely on the most important projects so that you can spare some time for your personal life.

  • Negative Evaluation
Being it experienced or amateur, writers do have to face criticism at times. The only difference is experienced ones are used to it and amateurs are new. The best way to deal wit hit is to accept it in a positive sense and work towards your betterment. Consider negative evaluation as a tool to enhance your writing skills and strengthen your weak points. 

Sunday, 16 February 2014

Embellish your Copy before Presenting

  1. Strike the very essence of the topic with enthralling header. 
  2. Use simple, yet captivating words to explain the intention of writing.
  3. Prevent using superfluous words and phrases.
  4. Edit and proofread grammatical and spelling errors and citation flaws.
  5. Divide the content in short 4-5 paragraphs to ensure a quick and efficient overview.
  6. Format the copy and align properly.
  7. Include comprehensible sub titles before each paragraph.
  8. Highlight the main features of the article.
  9. Must specify the target audience
  10. Short, precise and informative content.

The above mentioned points are imperative to consider for producing a successful copy. Now a days readers do not have enough time to go through long and time consuming essay like content, how so ever nicely you have presented. They are concerned with catching the essence of the article and decide whether to read continuing or not pertaining to their interest.

If your copy is camouflaged with good vocabulary and words, the reader might chose to read even if the topic does not match his concern. The Copy Writers can retain their old readers and entice new ones to their reading materials if the header is impressive, sub titles are eloquent and information is refurbished. The copy writers have a very finite time in which they have to draw the reader's attention and maintain their interest in the article or web content (any reading material).

Apart from captivating lines, your copy must be properly aligned to provide a professional outlook. The reader will not scroll forward and audit your content if he encounters a sluggish presentation. If you are of a view that you can impress the reader by your seamless writing, then it is not likely to take place as the reader might not take a chance to read the elegant write up with a daffy presentation.

Saturday, 15 February 2014

Key Pointers Freelance Writers must grasp to sustain competitive advantage

Making a perfect selection out of a body of writers is not a tough job. It is very much similar to visiting an electronic store and choosing the felicitous electronic devices for yourself. Quite a few points that you are likely to consider prior to making a satisfying electronic purchase could be Quality, Worth, Stylish, Reviews and be in the mainstream. 

I would like to share few of the important key pointers that will help freelance writers stand apart and gain competitive advantage over others in the same line of business.

  • First-String Quality of the Write up
Make sure your style holds a premium quality in writing. An old phrase evolved by Charles Darwin 'Survival of the fittest' states that only fit individuals can survive and weak ones are negated. In simpler terms, if your quality of content is overshadowed by your competitor's writing skills, you are likely lose the battle in the writing field.

  • Comprehensive Research
You can produce a spell binding content only if you have undergone a comprehensive research pertaining to the topic. Soliciting data from primary or secondary source might help you gather a boundless information if you carry out the research methodology properly. More you research, more you analyse and hence, more you can write.

  • Mastery in Writing
Any one can be a normal writer, it takes coon's age to gain mastery in writing. If you wish to captivate reader's attention, you need to write captivating lines, idioms, phrases. Make a good choice of hypnotising words and exceptional vocabulary. Your genre of writing should compel readers to include you in the books of great writers. Use of distinctive words will make you distinctive in writing and take you to the essence of your writing potential.

  • Worth of the project
Do not exaggerate and be over confident of your writing skills, you never know when your fate takes an averse turn. Charge a figure justifiable to the worth of the project. Prices vary with varying categories like Articles, Blogs, Web Content or Marketing Collaterals. Some writers have the desperation to grab more and more projects and therefore undercharge for their work allowing people to question the status of their professionalism. The best way to charge for the projects is to fathom the prevalent rates in writing industry.

  • Read newspapers and books
People reading books and newspapers in regular terms are found to be more proficient in writing and speaking than the ones who overlook reading. Reading regularly widens your perspective and develops your mind intellectually therefore creating a perpetual flow of ideas twisting in your mind. Reading enables you to think better and write more philosophically.

  • Re-examine your content
When you have to take an examination next day, you revise the subject the previous day. Why? Obviously to check if you are thorough with everything and not left anything behind. Similarly, you need to double check the content subsequent to writing it to ensure a flawless copy. There are writers who lack patience and are just concerned with submitting the copy at the earliest and charge its worth. This is not a gesture of a good writer and will leave an everlasting negative impression on the readers. It is imperative to edit and proofread the content ample times to avoid any glitch.

Saturday, 8 February 2014

5 Tricks to Strengthen your Writing Skills

Anyone can write but writing in an exceptional way is where the challenge lies. If you write well, you can entice readers to read your blogs or articles. If you do not, then be ready to lose them to other interesting blog sites. Below are few tricks to strengthening your writing skills. 

  • Initiate Diary Entries

One of the best ways to improve your writing skills is to Write Diary Entries regularly. Do not restrict yourself and let your thoughts flow freely on paper. More freely you will right, more natural it will appear and writing is all about codifying your natural thoughts creatively on paper. Best practise to determine your potentiality in writing. 

  • Read beyond your comfort zone

Normally we all are resistant to change and apprehensive towards stepping out of our comfort zones. It is an old fact, if you do not come out of your comfort level, by no means you can succeed in life. If you want to be a proficient writer, you have got to be a proficient reader. Reading is the only source through which you can come across new ideas, words and phrases. Read beyond what you normally read. I used to read Cartoon comics but soon realised the fact of gaining nothing out of it and switched over to Economic Times and business magazines that proved to be of great help.

  • Rewrite your blogs and articles

Rewriting will help you identify your writing skills before and after. Take up the challenge of rewriting your blogs once in a weak or fortnight at least and you will be astounded to apperceive the improvement in your writing over time. Each time you rewrite, you will feel an advancement in your writing.

  • Visit other blog sites

If you want to get noticed and stand apart from the rest, you need to visit your favourite blog sites regularly and make extrinsic comments. For instance, if you want to comment 'Beautiful post' (simple and ordinary), instead state in a distinctive way like 'mesmerising lines'. It does make a difference. 

  • Link with a writer's group

Do not feel reticent in sharing your views as the members of the writer's group are perhaps the best people who can guide you. Their feedback will help you in determining your weakness and let you improvise it. Reading their piece of writing will help you analyse the difference between your writing style and theirs. 

Single Out a Good Copy Writer

Choosing a good copy writer in todays's complicated world has emerged as thorns in one's side. A good writer is the one who can produce a crystal clear, intelligent and precise copy that creates a long lasting impression in reader's mind and stimulates their desire of buying your products. On the contrary, an average writer might create a cut-copy-paste copy. Few considerations one should make prior to choosing a Good Copy Writer are as follows:

  • Educational & Professional Background
An educational and professional background in content or copy writing, advertising, journalism or marketing helps writer develops good acumen and efficiency in writing skills and analytical thinking. 

  • Experience
An experienced writer has a broadened perspective and is well-versed with the writing techniques. When I talk about experience, I do not particularly refer to the time length but the writing style that the writer must have developed over a period of time. More the experience, better the writing skills.

  • Expectations
Determine the type of work you expect out of a copy writer. Defining your expectations will help you choose a suitable writer for your company. Not all copywriters are excellent in all domains. Some may be good at copy writing, editing or proofreading while some have their expertise in formulating overall marketing strategies. Determining your expectations prior to selecting a writer will help you produce better output.

  • Sample Writing
Most of the good writers have the habit of maintaing their portfolios so that they can provide a quick glance of their sample of writing. Additionally, you can also provide them few topics and check out their efficiency in writing. Sample of writing will provide you an idea about the writer's insights.

  • References
The most common and efficient way to judge the writer is by consulting the marketing or content writing companies who they have worked with. You should not totally rely on the referrals and place emphasis on their writing quality.

  • Payment Schedule
All writers have different payment schedule. Some work on project basis, some on hourly basis and others by the pages. You need to decide which one to go with but choose a quality writer even if he is expensive. No matter if they are charging more, they will provide you services parallel to excellence as far as your business is concerned.

Friday, 7 February 2014

Establish a Freelance Writing Business

The freelancing industry has been tremendously growing over the years thus providing an excellent scope for freelance writers to excel. Setting a freelance writing business is the most fascinating prospect I have ever come across. All you require is Critical thinking and Good Communication expertise. Here are few tips on starting a Freelance content Writing Business:

Realise your potential

The first and foremost thing is to envisage your passion, determination and interest towards writing. Some people choose this domain either for killing their boredom or because of peer pressure. If your friends have chosen this domain, it is because of a mere fact that they have a flair in writing. Writing is not a child's play, it is a challenging task.

Boost your Confidence, Take a chance 

If you lack confidence, you cannot move a step ahead. If you have confidence, you can climb Mount Everest. Confidence is the faith that leads to achievement, without it, there is no hope. Everyone has his first experience in life. I never knew if I could ever become a freelance content writer but I held immense confidence within me and was passionate about writing. I said 'Lets give it a shot man' and went for it. Now when I look back, I feel proud on my decision of taking a chance. I am a freelance writer managing a colossal client base. 

Create Awareness

Once you have decided to move up in freelance writing business, next comes how to create awareness amongst the potential clients? Create a brand by building an outlandish website, creating your own blog or following other's blogs an sharing your brand on social media websites. There are countless websites featuring freelance writers, your site must convey your Unique Selling Proposition (USP), which will help you to stand out and pull heavy traffic on your site.

Build a Writing portfolio

You will only be able to entice potential clients if you have maintained a portfolio of your writing. Many clients are interested in checking your past records and sample of writing prior to getting in agreement with you. They might ask you to write a fresh sample to check your efficiency but an updated portfolio will increase the chances of you getting hired. You need to prove your worth to the high paying clients to be listed in their good books.

Brace a profound Resume

A source through which prospective clients can consider your services is via your resume. Prepare a notable resume equipped with all information pertaining to your writing skills. An overview about your past work, vision for future development will foster confidence in the clients looking forward to hire you.

Enrol with Freelance writing job portals

The best and indeed the most efficient way to get in touch with the prospective clients is to register yourself with eminent freelance writing job portals or forums like oDesk, Elance, Craigslist. Scrutinise the best suitable jobs available and get going.

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Freelance Writer- My Career Choice

Do you have flair in writing? Do you crave to express your thoughts on paper? Do you wish to pacify your emotions?

You have made the right choice of entering into Writing domain. Writing develops your intellectual cognition and broadens your perspective which might not have been possible in a regular ten to six job. Freelance content writing job is not made for money minded or business minded people. It is exclusively made for thought provokers, more interested in exercising their thoughts and formulating them on paper. 

I have worked in many domains exploring each one to the core. Eventually I realised my potentiality lies in writing and therefore chose to go with my passion. I have interned with Ogilvy and Mather in a client servicing team handling KFC Account. I used to act as a mediator between the clients and creative team consisting of designers and copy writers. My boss usually handed the copy writer's work to me and most of them stood with the state of amazement when i came up with some real good copy describing the KFC Products. From past quite a few months I have been working with a content writing company as a freelance content writer and crossed over Hundreds of articles and blogs experiencing a stimulating growth in me.

Freelance Content Writing is a versatile job best for those looking to work from home. If you chose to go with freelance writing you might be entitled to plenty of benefits like:

  • Malleability in working Hours
  • Convenience and comfort as you can laze around anytime at home
  • Choose the company and topics as per your specialisation
  • Increases your vocabulary and thinking power
  • Enhances your knowledge as writing requires intensive research
Writing is not as easy as it seems to be. It is the most challenging task and involves scads of creativity. You need to possess certain qualities to become an efficient writer. Few of them are:

  • Good Communication Skills
  • Intellectual and Reflective Thinking
  • Good vocabulary
  • Strong analytical skills 
  • Good Researcher

Freelance Content Writing might not earn you great deal of money but knowledge, it surely will.

How to write a profound web content?

Writing is an art of mastery. You need to practise writing regularly to gain proficiency. If you want to impress your readers you will have to spring up with  something exotic and distinctive. Give readers the reason to visit your site. Compel them to visit your website again and again. There are bountiful of web content available, you need to make yours stand out. Here are essential factors to be considered for an impressive web content:

  • Eloquent Titles 
Your website must contain descriptive and articulative titles, easy for readers to comprehend. A heightened or abridged topic would not lead reader to the right path. Usually they read the content if titles are coherent and of their interest. For instance, topic like 'Impressive designs for Corporate website' is better than the 'Chimerical Design of professional Outlook'. The former is crystal clear and manifests its original meaning.

  • Simple Style of Speech
Your website is not confines to limited audience. People from distinctive backgrounds and languages are welcomed to visit your website. Keeping this in mind, you must use simple and clear language for readers to understand. Escape using enigmatic jargons or phrases.

  • Sweet and Precise, yet interesting
 It is important to hold the attention of readers intact. keep your content informational, yet precise. No one has the time to scrutinise elongated texts, it is likely to be boring. Put yourself in reader's shoe and analyse what the readers expect out of a content. A dull content will have the readers turn their backs to your website.

  • Break into paragraphs
Perpetual flow of sentences sometimes becomes humdrum. To make your website ergonomic, make use of bullet points instead of long paragraphs or write short 3-4 line paragraphs covering the main idea of the topic. The use of subheadings for main paragraphs might enable the readers to get a glimpse of the main idea.

  • Avoid myriad use of Graphics
Some writers think that the key to creativity lies in graphic representation and end up uploading pictures immeasurably. Creativity lies in your style of communicating your services. Readers will visit your site to have detailed information on the services you are providing rather than showing interest in your graphics. Use graphs where necessary.

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Weak Spots of Freelance Content Writer

I have been working in the writing business from quite a few months now and experienced the ups and downs in my career. Having been well versed with my flaws, I would like to share few mistakes that I committed and other freelancers are likely to commit. If you lack the requisite fervour, determination and enthusiasm, you would not find it easy to sustain as a freelance content writer.

Here are few Weak Spots of Freelance Content Writers:

  • Procrastination of Work
Since you are working from home, you tend to laze around or get equipped with other house jobs. Do not forget you are working with a company and shoulder certain responsibilities towards it. Delaying your work will not only frustrate your clients but also mark an adversity to their productivity. Coming in the bad books of clients might turn out to be a loss forever.

  • Vulnerability and dishonesty
Professional writers might not occur such mistakes. New writers often undertake the writing jobs for a fact that they have flair in writing. They fail to understand that they hold certain commitment towards the company. Without giving prior notice to the company, in a blitzkrieg, the writers leave the company as they are done with their favourite pass time. Be responsible and follow the correct procedures considering the goodwill of the company if you ever have to take a break. 

  • Being Overloaded
In the wake of opportunities, we tend to overburden ourselves with freelancing projects without realising the aftermath consequences. Every Project requires quality content within stipulated times. Having been overloaded intensively will yield you nothing. You will either produce bad content in less time or quality content beyond the ultimatum. In both the ways, you will not be appreciated thus, leaving a bad impression on your clients. Therefore, take limited projects with an aim to deliver quality content within the ultimatum.

  • Study the contract thoroughly
A very natural mistake of neglecting the contract or term agreement. It is mandatory to pay attention to all the details mentioned in the agreement to prevent any predicament in future. The clients know the tactics of moulding freelance writers as per their convenience. You might end up receiving peanuts.

  • Lack of Time Management
If you want to succeed in your career, you need to manage your time wisely. Case is worst when you are a home-maker as you are equipped with certain responsibilities towards your children and family. The best way to deal with this challenge is to formulate a schedule and calculate the number of hours you can devote to your business and eventually help you form a balance between your professional and personal life.

How to set Freelance Content Writing Rates?

Setting freelance writing rates could be accosting as different clients have varying expectations as far as their projects are concerned. At times you need to undergo aggressive negotiations to get right rates for your services. If the client is providing you projects on perpetual basis and have been able to establish strong rapport with you, offering discounts might be a good option to exercise. Here are few tips to be considered while setting freelance writing rates.

  • Type of Project
The nature of the project determines the price to be charged for the particular project. Are you writing a web content, an article or blog, an e-book. If you have undertaken web content, how many topics under a website? If article, decide upon the number of words and accordingly set the prices. Different categories hold varying price ranges. Also, you could checkout the prevailing writing prices in writer's market. Browse couple of websites to have a glimpse of market prices like forums, freelance websites and blogs.

  • Urgent Deadlines
Many a times client requires the project on urgent basis thus giving you very less time to perform. In such cases, if you contain the potentiality of serving him the best in right time, the ball is in your court. You can charge him slightly more on the plight of your efficiency. Shorter deadlines generally put intensive work pressure on your minds and to compensate this work pressure, you can negotiate with the client for compensation.

  • Hire Re-writers
Hiring Re-writers is essential when the client is difficult to comprehend. Very peculiar and specific about everything, expecting not even 0.1% of imperfection and finicky in every matter pertaining to the topic. You are ought to hire rewriters to share your burden and also revise the content copiously to escape any flaw in future.

  • Exhaustive research
Any writing requires comprehensive research  prior to starting up. There is a difference, at times you need to undertake simple research strategy for completion of your content, sometimes the client requires you to invest a great deal of time in researching to produce a profound copy. In such cases, you have the right to get compensated for the time you are investing in research work which you could have invested in some other projects and earned a good deal.

  • Writing skills
If you are in the writing field from quite a few years, you are probable to have achieved expertise in writing as compared to the newbies. Based on your confidence and acumen, you can set a higher charge for your freelance writing work. Be certain that your prices are able to substantiate your quality of work. Higher charges will demand supreme quality.

  • Project Costings
Last but not the least, make an estimation of your total costings occurred during the tenure of the project. Apart from secondary source of information, you might have to choose the primary source which requires travelling and contacting sources that will involve huge costs. If your client requires primary information, you can negotiate with him prior to staking up the project. 

Monday, 3 February 2014

Essential qualities to become a bestselling content writer

Undertaking the task of writing is not just child's play, it is challenging your mind. Gone those days when you used to galvanize your teachers by writing eloquent essays. Writing content artistically is what you have to focus on. Any average writer does not understand the concept of writing and thats what precisely make them  average writers. They surmise their writing has reached to a level of perfection and stop writing.

Essential qualities required for successful content writer are:

  • Write regularly
Writing is an art and you can attain excellence in only when you practise this art regularly. Make a habit of writing diary entries or start up a blog. Getting reviews from the readers will help you actuate your potential in writing. More you write, more you become intellectual. The habit of regular writing is the first key to a successful writer.

  • Passionate about Writing
Your intellectual thinking should strike the minds of your clients. More passionate you are in writing, more the ideas pop up. Only fervour content writers have the expertise of designing an outlandish header, a precise yet creative body and a satisfying conclusion. They formulate their ideas pertaining to topic into scholarly concepts and present a remarkable copy.

  • Robust Editing and Proofreading Skills
Editing and proofreading require immense patience and knowledge of the subject. You have to be certain of picking out minuscule faults underlying. You should have the sense to catch grammatical and spelling errors, which determine the sense of the content & acumen of the content writer. How so ever good writer you are, such petty flaws might lead you to jeopardy of rejection. If you are editing and proofreading someone else's work, revise it couple of times to ensure presenting a flawless document.

  • Good Vocabulary
Few words in the text catch hold of the reader's attention. You need to be good at playing with words in right place at right time. Use of rich and heavy vocabulary enhances the quality of the content and leave a long lasting impression on readers.

  • Reading Skills
To become a good content writer, you need to be a good reader. Reading not only develop your reflective and intellectual cognition but also help in giving a better framework to your text. While reading you might encounter few phrases or words that you would like to use in your content writing. 

  • Strong Research Insights
Carrying out an exhaustive research, scrutinising the data and consolidate his writing exactly what the topic demands define the skills of a good content writer. More often, your content needs to be substantiated by plausible statistics and accurate data. Intensive the research, effective the content.

Sunday, 2 February 2014

Professional outlook coupled with whimsical designs

A website is designed for an exclusive reason of channeling information to the users. Website can be fashioned either by including aggrandised graphical representation and lesser information or by limited artworks and substantial information.

In today’s era, every company demands an efficacious website. A corporate website must be designed in a way that its professional stature is maintained and the purpose of designing a website is not defeated.  A specific, clear–cut message defining the company and its objective must be explicated in the most eloquent and unambiguous style that would leave an everlasting impression on the customers. Unsubstantial message must be withdrawn from the website as it might make it difficult for the users to comprehend. Too much of information will create chaos in their minds.  Irrelevant graphical representation and citations are insignificant to the users. Website is termed as an asset of the company. A well furnished eye catching website can draw attention of thousands of customers. Concurrently, a dull website will repel customers from visiting the site.

The Graphics and Colours are significant in characterising a company. The corporates will have to exercise a good choice on colours for thwarting the customers from forming wrong idea. It depends on how customers apperceive the company following the website. It is essential for the company to portray right brand image to the customers. For instance, vibrant colours can be depicted as jovial while dark might form an impression of seriousness. A red tinge perhaps gives a feeling of hardheaded work. A good choice of colours and requisite graphics give an outstanding and lasting look to the website. More the designer gives professional look to the website, stronger will be the user’s confidence in the company.

The noteworthy thing in corporate website design is remodelling and amending the design and content intermittently. An up-to-date content helps in retaining the old customers and capturing the new ones. Company must define its target market and design the website exclusively for them. For instance, the company will focus on humorous designs if the target market is children. Alternatively, for the old age people, a contemplative design is preferred. Companies often have the tendency to mould their websites as per their angle thereby neglecting the needs of the users.

Considering the smart use of colour combination, graphics, information, insights and well defines target market will provide a competitive edge to the company's website comparable to their counterparts.

Difference between an average writer and a good writer

A good Writer shows because he has something to show; An ordinary Writer shows because he has to show something.

  • Take it as a challenge
A good writer will always find it tough to write a paragraph. Their every step needs immense thinking. Writing is not the only task of a content writer. An exhaustive research followed by empirical study brings the writer to a position where he can produce an excellent and factual content. An ordinary writer finds it easy to write full project as they are only concerned with writing and do not involve their intellectual thinking.

  • Flawless Content
Good writers have in-depth knowledge and acumen of drafting an error-free content. Apart from error free (Grammatical and spelling mistakes) and accurate content, they are also concerned with the beautification of the page. Artistic Writing camouflaged with splendid presentation provides a wonderful experience to visualize.

  • Get the real picture on paper
A good writer exercises his reflective and intellectual thinking and produce a content exactly parallel to the topic. More simplified the content is, more magnetising it is. Many Ordinary writers have the habit of deviating from the actual topic and write hyperbolised theory.  

  • Quest for the best word
Compromising on quality is not what good writers have learnt. State-of-the-art words are usually not welcomed. Words that are easy to comprehend gain maximum attention from the public. The overuse of vogue words is what good writers must guard against.

  • Know when to end
Certain Writers think the more they elongate content, the more they will cover. The fact remains same, swift, precise and clear content overpowers the elongated content including superflous expression. Good writers know when they have to quit and sidestep the hangovers of other ideas sifting in unnoticed.