Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Does India Need To Be Transformed?

From the deep rooted corruption to unshakable gang rapes, every indian citizen demands change in the country to help them lead a safe and secure life.

How can we replace the current years of scams, scandals, flimflam, frauds with the future of growth, development, recovery and opportunities?

How can we craft a stronger, richer, healthier and transparent nation?

How do we get our hands on poverty, rape cases, thefts, caste system,  narcissistic corrupted politicians and terrorism?

  • Capital Punishment
We have capital punishment for murders but not for rapes, why? Murder takes off the life of victim, rapists takes off the willingness to lead a happy life. Critics say it is against human rights. Does the act of criminals raping innocent girls fearlessly lies in favour of human rights? Incorporating the law of capital punishment for rapists in the Indian Penal code will curtail the number of rape cases tremendously thus giving a way for innocent people to lead a happy life.

  • Heavy Penalty On Molestation
Nowadays, the trend for eve-teasing and molestation have taken sky scraping positions. In the case of molestation, no heavy charge is taken against the criminals, may be kept captive for a day or two which runs them out of fear and encourage them to perform this atrocity again. The criminals must be held responsible for such acts by imposing monetary compensation on them.

  • Mandatory Defensive Sport
The government of India must positively pass a law wherein every school must be held liable to impart any defensive sports training like karate or martial arts to the students especially girls. This law might change the face of nation completely few years down the line.

  • Gender Equity
Decades ago, gender inequality was vehement in India, in fact the whole world was the sufferer. With time, inequality reduced but not evacuated. Gender discrimination still persists in some of the small and poor villages where today also, boy is sent to school to attain great knowledge while leaving the girl to taste the dirt of other houses. Women is given a secondary status in society despite of women's movements and activism. It is imperative to carry out a campaign in such villages and introduce them  to the changed nation in terms of discrimination. Let them know how girls are taking a toll over boys with respect to studies, curricular activities, taking initiatives and professionally.

  • Education System
Education is the key to success. Yes, we do need a legitimate education system in place. Apparently, schools build out of high investments are expensive but have all the facilities and materials available whereas, low grade schools lack essential amenities required for every student. All schools must have the same access to materials, development and top most faculties to ensure the future betterment of India. Instead of investing in fancy infrastructure of schools, if the education minister invests in the education system, well trained teachers, curricular activities; every penny will worth the future of our nation. Additionally, weak students do not have an easy way out. Introduction of tutorials especially for students requiring additional attention will help them great way to learn and grow.

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Flourishing Dirt In India

Rapes, corruption, trafficking, murders have taken sky rocketed positions in India. There is no way an indian can sense pride in his country. Our country is full of dirt that needs to be exterminated at earliest.

Tourists carry a fear of getting fooled around in autos, be the victim of eve teasing and molestation, charged pretty penny for something that is worthless. Does any of us have cold feet while travelling to foreign destinations?

Lets talk about the India related predicaments individually

  • Corruption
Who is corrupt? You or me? Obviously it is the people of India that has spearheaded corruption. Why do we blame politicians when we ourselves misrepresent our country. Filthy rich people lack patience and want their work 'so called prime significant work' to be completed within a blink of eye, for which they are ready to shell out money extravagantly. Let me illustrate you an instance, a rich business tycoon wants the admission of his son in top-notch high school of Delhi. The boy apparently does not match the criteria of getting admitted in the particular school. What his father will do to get his son in? Obviously, he will shell out lavishly in the name of donation and get his son the seat which could have been allotted to someone deserving and better than his son but low on pockets. Hence proved, filthy rich are getting filthy richer and poor poorer.

What impact will the above issue have on the son and the deserving candidate?

The son will follow his father and get it straight in his mind that anything and everything is possible if you have money. Just few paper currency can get you anything you want by hook or crook. Whereas, the deserving candidate will get all the more low in his confidence and morale and can develop hatred for such rich selfish people. Therefore, the difference between poor and rich will never run for the hills.

  • Rapes & Murders
Our country is very egoistic and has never ending demands. husbands are blessed with beautiful and loyal wives, still their demands are increasing and they end up having extra marital affairs. Few are the cases with women also but majority lies with men. A good for nothing sluggard wanders around searching for his sexy prey. To which he grabs and eats the prey when comes across. If I am not wrong, the government has legalised prostitution in India just for a reason to refrain the beasts from marking an undesired sexual pleasure with innocent girls. Despite of legalising prostitution, the rape cases have not decreased. People carry guns without license and shoot any random being for no reason. Are we circumvented by ravenous monsters?

  • Trafficking
In the current era, even real blood kills his real for money. Human Trafficking has increased vehemently over a past decade for the lure of ease money. We can more or less blame our economy for this particular cause. With the depreciating economy, the unemployment opportunities are declining and due to which people close their intelligence quotient and start behaving irrationally. At that point of juncture they think may be selling humans will earn them some pennies.

How can we skid-addle the root of scams in our country and make it a safe and beautiful place to live in?