Thursday, 20 November 2014

Genuine Beauty Lies Within

The outer beauty has camouflaged the lives of people falsely. They are profoundly magnetised by the outer beauty and have completely overshadowed the significance of inner charm. They are ready to accept a callous nature with pretty face but sidestep the prettier hearts having average looks.

Can someone explain these people that considering extrinsic looks may not always be the wisest choice. Outer looks can be larvated through make-up but inside charm can shine with your warm deeds. Let me illustrate this piece of writing with an example.

I still remember those days when I was called as a ‘Pimply face’. Yes, my face was masked with pimples. My friends used to swipe at me, teachers used to nudge me and relatives were always offended with me. No one could stand me except for my mom. I wept, screamed and freaked out, constantly asking my mom ‘Why god has made me like this’. She pulled me closely and whispered calmly in my ears ‘ You are the most beautiful girl on this earth’. She was the first one to have ever said that. I was somewhat delighted and clement.

I tenderly tweaked in her ears, ‘you are my mom, you are ought to say that’. To which my mom nimbly kissed my forehead and replied’ Yes I am your mother and so no one can explain you better than me. (I was listening her patiently). I can get an eyeful of your inner beauty that is present in your innocent smile, pristine eyes and licit face. I was totally stunned at what she said. I could only grasp a mega understanding of what she explained. But it seemed good to my ears. With the growing age, her concepts gained clarity in my mind.

The world is too big to please and your life is too short to even try. What matters the most is the semblance you wear for yourself. Beauty is what is felt within, what provides you a feel good factor and is not always about physical appearance. Whatever we are, however we are- fat, short heighted, dark. It is God who has chosen to give us these features. We are unique in our own ways. It is important to groom yourself and enhance your physical appearance. It lies under your control but fades with a passage of time. Inner beauty is evergreen. It plays a significant role in nurturing your character.

This genre of beauty makes you feel special about yourself.  Interacting calmly; greeting each other with welcome, thank you, sorry; guiding right path to an elderly, granting forgiveness for someone’s misbehaviour- these few deeds of courtesy are way higher than flaunting your polished external appearance.

Saturday, 8 November 2014

The World Of Fantasy!

Lost in the world of fantasies
Wonder where I am heading?
Great opportunities have passed by
I am still envisioning!!!!

Every part of me is dedicated to my zest
Oblivious to anyone’s declamation
Packed with my expertism, I step out to quest
The reason for my indignation!!!

Reaching the zenith of Himalayas is not a drop in the bucket
And I aim for making similar backbreaking effort
Without a squirt of fear

Tranquilize the sense of impatience in me
Expand the horizon of my mind
Give a room for my competence to develop
Checkout, how gracefully I shine!

Breaking all the barriers to reality
Let me have a real experience
Else the opportunities will come my way
And I will be still in my figment of imagination.....